Architectural Models & Professional 3D Rendering

Architectural Models are our specility at We specialize in architectural modelsfor architects, film makers, television studios, resorts and theme parks. Our studio is located in Los Angeles California. We build architectural models for architects around the the world.

By using our architectural models it will help your company in planning and preparing for your next major building project. All of our architectural models are laser cut to exact scale so when you look at the model you will be looking at an exact duplicate of what your next building project will look like once it is completed. Every one of our architectural models is color matched and every part of the architectural model is specially prepared so it looks exactly the same as your finished project will look.

By using our Architectural Models & Architectural Rendering services it will help you avoid all of the "later" problems that the average builder and designer goes through without having an architectural model to look at and go by. An accurate architectural model by AtomicAntModels will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is because you will get to see all of the future errors and the future problems in your design that you will be facing if your project is built the way you had it originally planned. By using AtomicAntModels it will allow you to avoid all of these errors before your structure is being built as apposed to finding the problems later after everything is completed.

At AtomicAntModels our goal is to make sure that you save more money through our Architectural Models & Architectural Rendering than you had to pay for our service. We will keep you from making any of the future mistakes that the average builder and designer would make when it comes to building your structure or your next project. We also want to make sure that you are totally satisfied with the architectural model of your next project before we say we are done. We know that if you are happy with the architectural model that we created for you that we have reached our goal. Doing a better job than you expected is what we always provide to our clients.

We ship our architectural models all over the United States, to places like the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Our Architectural Models home page will navigate you through our website. Please choose the About Architectural Models & Architectural Rendering page to learn more about our company, the architectural models and architectural rendering we provide and the artisans who run it.

Our Architectural Rendering Portfolio page will show you pictures of the 5 different portfolios to choose from. Architectural Models, for architects and designers who are designing residencial and commercial building. Theme Models for theme parks and resorts. Rockwork and Character Facade shows our work from the best theme parks around the world and gives examples of our realistic top of the line faux rockwork and character façade work in full scale. Film, Signs & Props will show you work for signage and props for theme parks and films and also we show models and props made especially for film and television. We are also able to provide Laser Cut images of anything you might need out of Plexi, Wood, Paper, leather, etc. Our Architectural Rendering and 3D Rendering page will give you examples of our Artists 2D illustration rendering done by hand in color or black and white. We also have an example of our 3D Computer illustrated rendering in which we can show you a “walk through” of the interior of your building.

Please go to our Model Making page to learn the different materials we use and the process it takes to build our special models from beginning to finish. We also specialize in faux painting for rockwork and models to give it an aged appearance. This really sets our models apart from the other model builders because our models have a warm and realistic detailed appearance.

Fill out our PRICE QUOTE page and our office will be e-mailed directly with your project needs and information.


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